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e give great importance to healthy living. We try to eat healthy, nutritious food everyday, and we also exercise quite a lot during our PE, Dance, Tennis, and Swimming lessons. You see we move a lot; but we thought why not start the day with a nice exercise, too? It is found very useful in numerous studies about growing children that morning exercises support energy and focus right at the beginning of the day for our kids, that and the fact that we L-O-V-E two things: dancing and Yoga, we added a new healthy habit to our morning routine: Morning Exercises! Now every Monday-Wednesday- and Friday, we do Yoga before breakfast, and every Tuesday- and on Thursday we stretch a little followed by coordinating dancing as a group. We must say that we really enjoy our new found morning routine, and we have started to see the benefits not only on how better we feel physically, but also in our children’ ability to focus, and follow through on their responsibilities with more ease.


n the 12th October Moonshiner and Sunshiner class went on a trip to watch Joey's Adventures, located in Akatlar Kultur Merkezi. It was very exciting event and students got involved in the musical. Students was helping Joey Elephant finding his family and lots of rhetoerical questions asked by animal characters including, main character Joey Elephant. The theme of the play involves the importance of family and friendship.The musical was fun and interactive with lots of dance,singing and rhetorical questions which made the students think about the play.

There is going to be more exciting trips very soon!


Yerli Malı yurdun malı herkes onu kullanmalı ‘’ Corresponding to the Turkish curriculum, we taught the kids about local produce and where different things grow in Turkey. For example, tea comes from Rize, apricots come from Malatya and the best apples come from Amasya. The students brought in different kinds of fruit and nuts. They really enjoyed making a hat and having fun at our Yerlı Malı Haftası party!


Zevkli ve eğlenceli geçen yılbaşı partimizi hep beraber hazırladık. Bolca oyunlar oynayıp şarkılar söylediler. Yarışmaları kazanmak için mücadele ettiler. Dışarda lapa lapa yağan kar yılın son günlerine güzellik katarken, Noel Baba’dan hediyelerini alan öğrencilerimiz yeni yılın bu en keyifli anının tadını çıkardılar. Özel İstanbul Koleji olarak 25. yılımıza girdiğimiz 2016 yılının sağlık başarı ve güzelliklerle dolu bir yıl olmasını diliyoruz.

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